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Website Portfolio
No Page- continuous scroll (Store not included)

This is an entry level website designed to simply introduce your brand to the world. This website is best used for both small and large businesses, artists and entertainers of all sizes who do not yet have the proper content such as product photos, photography and typography. The website will serve as a contact form with links to social media platforms, basic information and brief description of services and/or bio.

Executive Website I

Up to 4 pages (No Store Included) OR 3 pages (with store included) -What's Included: 1 yr of support from our team.

Basic Website I
One Page

One-page websites are an excellent way to showcase a portfolio, product, or service in an easily digestible format. The best one-page websites are mobile-responsive, scrollable, have a central theme and clear call to action, and are easy to navigate. These types are best used for personal resumes, artists, stylists and photographers.

Full Executive Website II
Up to 5 pages (Store Included)

The term 'five page website' has long been circulating in the web development industry, which means a site with all the primary or essential pages your company or business needs.

Basic Website II
Up to 3 pages only (store not included)
Exclusive Heights All Inclusive Package
Valued at over $2,000

Includes Executive Website II, Brand Identity Kit & SWOT Analysis; and Condensed Business Plan

Domain Creation and Hosting Fees

A Domain name is basically the name or addresses of the website that user’s type in URL to visit a website. A web hosting provider is a company such as, First Elevation LLC, which enables businesses and individuals to make their websites available through the World Wide Web. The services that web hosting providers offer will vary but usually include website design, storage space on a host, and connectivity to the Internet.

Entry Program Domain Creation and Hosting Fee – (case by case) Typically this charge is covered by your initial deposit. However, If we have to transfer your hosting and domain to the platform our organization runs on, an additional fee of ($35) is required. Your consultation will determine if this additional charge is necessary. We run off of the Hostinger platform only. If you choose to transfer or create your own hosting plan and domain name to Hostinger; please note, we will need full access to this in order to work on yoursite. 

Exit Program Hosting and Domain transfer fee – ($90) when and if you decide not to seek additional services after 1 year. It is our hope that each customer learns how to host and manage their own domain and hosting plans. We support growing beyond us and hopefully with the tools and knowledge to expand your business with confidence and a full understanding of
how your business runs from inside and out

Please note, Hosting and Domain transfers can typically last between 2-7 business days. Taxes and Fee’s not included

Other Services and Pricing

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Establishing Business

Filing your paperwork and applying for EIN – $50 plus state fees
Brand Identity Kit and SWOT Analysis – $300

SEO Optimization-

Stay on top of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a websites technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily
findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence,
search engines rank them better.

And More

Facebook, Tik Tok; IG Ad – 20% of your ad budget
Web Service Assistance- Updating and maintaining your website: $25 per hr.
Live Event Services:
Personal Assisting for Live Events – Ask about pricing 
Live Event Hosting – Need hosting services for your live event? Book a consultation today!

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